What Nick Petmezis and Monica Rogers say about our club

What do you like about the club?

My favorite thing about the club is the members. There are dozens of players to play with around my level, and I have made some good friendships already. I enjoy the Friday night socials and am looking forward to playing in more groups this coming season.

What makes you want to continue to be a member of the club?

The friends I made, the fantastic clay courts and the social gatherings. Altogether it makes for a very enjoyable May - October.

What made you want to join the club?

My good friends brought me in as a guest, and well, I fell in love with the club! The community there makes it all worthwhile. Everyone was so friendly, and really accommodating.

What do you like best about the club?

The community of players. There is always someone to play with. There is a competitive spirit, but in such a fun way.

What makes you want to stay a member of the club?

I can't wait for the club to open! I have met a lot of fun people who, like me, want to play as much as possible. Holden is different than other clubs, it is a very social place where you can just show up and play!

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